Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewelry

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Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewelry

Despite the heightening age of technology, there are still a lot of people who invest their money in handmade jewelry. In fact, I believe people are missing the beauty of manually-made pieces, especially with most of the materials things on earth made by passionless machinery. For each piece, the love and energy poured are very evident. There is a myriad of reasons why you should try buying a handmade jewelry. But here are the seven things that will surely convince you to consider at least one handmade jewelry.

  1. No Manufacturing Machinery Involved

As the name would suggest, handmade jewelry is literally created by the hands of a professional artisan or maker. Each piece goes through almost a unique journey, involving processes of soldering, sawing, carving, and shaping, without any help from a big ass machinery. Having no mass-production machinery involved also means that less electricity is needed, making the jewelry more sustainable.

  1. Time Creating a Single Piece

We mentioned earlier that no machinery is involved. So, handmade jewelry takes longer to make compared to the factory-made versions. One piece of jewelry for a client could take several hours for an artisan to complete. Sometimes, it could even take weeks!

  1. The Making Process

As soon as a jewelry maker starts to create a design, he or she is already creating an intimate relationship with the upcoming piece. The process involving in making defines the value for each jewelry piece. Every curve and every line are intentionally put there by the creator.

  1. Made with High-Quality Materials

Most jewelry makers would choose the best materials to make the ideal jewelry piece. Compared to materials used in making handmade pieces, the ones in mass-production facilities are more difficult to check and regulate, and sometimes mix-ups do occur. Handmade jewelry materials normally come from respectable and reputable suppliers.

  1. Sustainable Jewelry

Jewelry makers are very serious about making their crafts sustainable as possible. They would usually take a more expensive process to be able to acquire the most ethical materials, instead of simply getting their materials from shady suppliers. If you’re dedicated to the sustainability and the ethics of your jewelry, then you should find a supplier that shares your idea.

  1. Quality

Compared to mass-production, smaller ones nearly have the higher quality due to the fact that it’s easier to check and maintain the making process, from the very beginning until the finishing touches. After completing each piece, you can see how proud the maker can be of what she or he was able to produce. They don’t want low-quality pieces to leave their store with their names attached.

  1. Made with Pure Love

Machines aren’t capable of having emotions, we all know that. We also know that being a jewelry maker needs dedication and passion. They pour all of their energy and love for each jewelry piece they make. Handmade pieces are all unique. Although they were made to look each other, the journey each piece went through has the slightest touch of uniqueness.

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