The Basics of Wholesale Shopping Online

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The Basics of Wholesale Shopping Online

Here are the basics of wholesale shopping online:

Step 1: Prepare

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate tools for online shopping. Most wholesale distributors accept major credit cards or PayPal payments. If your business is still stuck in the old age, paying using checks, then it’s time to up your game in the payment transactions department.

You want to maintain a strong and reliable communication with the staff for your orders on the wholesale website. Therefore, the second thing you need to have is a valid e-mail address that you can use to register. This will allow you to log-in anytime to check for updates.

Last but not the least, you need to enable cookies on your web browser, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (if you’re even still using it). Unlike in retail shopping, there is no need to return that shopping cart! You’ll be provided with a virtual version where you can stock as many items as you want.

Step 2: Search

Use a search engine to find what you’re looking for. Arguably all of us use Google when we want to find something online. Although it does provide you with the information you’ll need, incorrect choices of keywords will lead you to the wrong page. For example, ‘wholesale clothing’ vs. ‘cheap clothing’ can lead you to 2 completely different search results.

If you already found the ideal website, click the link and it will lead you to their website. Most of the times, it will direct you to their online store page. Several wholesale websites have categories on the right or upper side of the website. Each category will lead you to another page. They’re similar to the aisle signs you see in grocery stores.

Step 3: Check out

As soon as you found the items you’re looking for, you will see an icon where you can add the items to your virtual shopping cart. Each item usually has the appropriate information, including the name of the product, who/what company made it, dimensions, price, and etc. There are websites who also provide a shipping cost calculator. There are also times where they provide sales, so keep your eyes open for them.

After checking out, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail sent to the address you used to join the website. This confirmation will serve as your official receipt, proof that you’ve paid both the product and the shipping costs. Most of the time the website will provide you when will the product arrive. Depending on the costs of the product, you may be required to show proof of your identity or shop up yourself.

Step 4: Check the Product

As soon as the items arrive, make sure to check them thoroughly. Are the items the ones you wanted? Is it the right color? Do they have enough screws? Are there any damages? If you think there’s a problem with the product, you should immediately contact the website so they can replace it for you.

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