Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture for a Low Price

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Tips for Buying High-Quality Furniture for a Low Price

Is it your first time to buy furniture for your home? Don’t worry, we have some newbie tips for you! If not, you should still read these tips and you might correct the mistakes you’ve made before buying new furniture. A very important tip – always buy from reputable suppliers like

Tips for Buying WOOD Furniture

  1. Know your wood types

There are 3 types of wood furniture: veneers, solid wood, & particle board/composite wood. The most expensive among the three is the solid wood furniture, which is also vulnerable to scratches and liquid rings. Veneers have cheaper cores, which why they’re less expensive than solid woods. Furniture made with particle boards or composite wood are the cheapest since they’re made from the combination of plastics, resin, and wood pulp. And because they’re made from scraps, they last the shortest.

  1. Inspect drawers and cabinets

These furniture pieces should be easily opened or closed without any hassle. You should also check the handles and knobs, making sure that they fit properly and can’t be easily removed.

  1. Check for nails or glue

Sturdier and more reliable wood furniture are made with the process called ‘wood joinery’. Therefore, if you see any signs that the item is put together using nails and glue, it won’t surely hold a lot of weight.

Tips for Buying FABRIC Furniture

  1. Consider your lifestyle

The colors and fabric for your furniture will depend on the lifestyle you have. For example, if you have a large, active dog, you want your couch to be sturdy enough from the nails and teeth of your pet. If you have kids, you should consider dark-colored fabric furniture.

  1. Be realistic about the colors

For larger and more expensive furniture pieces, make sure to stick to neutral colors. You might regret buying a furniture with bold color after a year.

  1. Check the legs

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, wood parts should be joint together and not nailed or glued. The legs should also be heavy and made out of wood. Legs made out of other materials, like plastic, rubber or metal will not look pleasing to look at. At the same time, it probably won’t last.

  1. Check the springs

Firmer sofas traditionally have coiled springs. To check the springs, you can press down on the base of the furniture. The coils should spring back as soon as you push them down.

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