Designing the Perfect Garden for Your Modern Home

Detail of a green summer garden

Designing the Perfect Garden for Your Modern Home

Too much anything isn’t good. Like in designing your home’s garden, taking a modern garden to the extreme could make it appear uninviting and cold. However, homeowners and even supposedly professional garden designers modernized an outdoor space too much, they don’t feel friendly or inviting anymore. Here are some tips on how to create a modern garden without losing the feeling of warmth and familiarity.

Choose a Natural, Loose Planting Style

Normally, modern landscapes have still, sculptural plants, like how an architect would like to integrate the minimalistic idea of your house on its outdoor areas. However, this style of planting appears to give the familiarity of a natural environment. But, having to choose a modern garden doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the rigid, architectural plants. Instead, your plants should be loose and wild enough to provide that aura of liveliness and warmth.

Make Your Garden Connected to Its Environment Using Plants

Plants with bold outlines are the most suitable for this kind of garden architecture. The plants and the outdoor architecture must gradually blend as you explore more of the garden. We don’t want your garden to look like an unfruitful museum.

Giving Warmth to the Hardscapes

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, an unproductive and lifeless look is the most common pitfalls in modern garden design. An emphasis is placed on the use of an ‘honest’ material, meaning it shouldn’t pretend something it isn’t. For example, a simple concrete patio is more honest than a concrete that has been altered to look like a flagstone. However, the concrete’s color can give a major coldness in your garden if overused. The most obvious way to solve it is to integrate color. But of course, color can make a garden non-modern. But don’t worry, it’s all about how you use it, it has to be subtle enough not to scream its color.

Layout and Lighting

Gardens aren’t just about the plants and the hardscape and the plants. Layout and lighting could also affect the mood of a modern garden. For examples, plants are elevated to make the plantings inside more tangible of the design. Modern gardens are supposedly extensions of the house, therefore the aura at night is as crucial during the day. Make sure that you don’t install cold-shade lightings, like blue. Instead, you should choose warmer colors, preferably subtle orange/yellow. Of course, the fixtures of the lighting is also important. Ideal ones include light fixtures made with shiny stainless-steel. You can see a lot of them in modern gardens.

Expressing One’s Personality and Style

Everything in the garden must be connected to the homeowner in some way. There are ways you can add your colorful and wild personality without affecting the minimalistic layout of the outdoor landscape. Just keep it simple. Also, don’t always follow trends. There are colors and styles that will never go away for few more years. Don’t be one of those homeowners who just want their gardens to look trendy.


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